The Unconventional Diaries: Two wild weeks

(Yahoo News)Read some of the best diaries from each day of the Republican and Democratic conventions.

Democratic National Committee confirms hack

Democratic National Committee confirms hack. (AP)The campaign committee confirmed that it had been the target of a cyber security incident similar to other recent attacks.

Clinton's economic plan trumps, well, Trump's

Hillary Clinton (Yahoo Finance)The difference between the two plans for the U.S. economy is stark, according to a study by Moody's Analytics.

Where Clinton's 'do all the good' came from

Hillary Clinton speaks during the final day of the Democratic National Convention. (John Locher/AP)Like many Methodist kids, Hillary Clinton would have been taught the famous saying in church.

Unconventional Diaries: Clinton’s grand finale

(Yahoo News)Yahoo News enlisted participants at the DNC representing different viewpoints and roles to file daily diary entries.

Clinton, Democrats turn the tables on GOP

Clinton and Kaine (AP)Trump's dark, in many ways un-Republican vision of America provides an opening for Hillary Clinton.

Father of fallen Muslim soldier rebukes Trump

Father of fallen Muslim soldier rebukes TrumpThe father of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq asks whether Donald Trump has even read the U.S. Constitution.

Clinton seizes her moment at DNC

Clinton seizes her moment at DNCThe Democratic nominee presents a sharply more upbeat view of the country than the dark vision offered by her GOP rival.

Chelsea shows a side of Hillary the public seldom sees

Chelsea shows a side of Hillary the public seldom seesIn an emotional speech, Chelsea Clinton shows a side of Hillary the public seldom sees.

Clinton campaign not sweating split vote

Clinton campaign not sweating split vote. (Reuters)Campaign chief John Podesta expects most Bernie Sanders backers to eventually support the Democratic nominee.

FBI warned Clinton campaign of cyberattack

FBI warned Clinton campaign last spring of cyberattack. (Getty Images)The FBI suspected months ago that hackers used "spear-phishing" emails to penetrate the campaign's computers, sources said.

Gen. Allen: Troops ready to serve female president

Gen. Allen: ‘No question’ troops will follow woman commander in chief. (Getty Images)Retired Marine Gen. John Allen says Hillary Clinton is “exactly the kind of person that we want to be commander in chief.”

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