German police investigate Britons' Nazi salute at death camp
German police have launched an investigation to identify two men believed to be Britons who appeared in an online picture performing a Nazi salute at the former Buchenwald concentration camp, Bild newspaper reported on Thursday. The image was published on Friday on the Twitter page of British neo-Nazi group National Action. A police spokesperson in the eastern city of Weimar told Bild: "We take such actions very seriously." Police could not be reached for comment on Thursday, a holiday in several of Germany's 16 states.

U.S. women get creative in fighting abortion stigma

Amelia Bonow, co-creator of #ShoutYourAbortion, poses in a photo taken in Seattle, WashingtonFor Amelia Bonow, having an abortion left her relieved that she was not forced to become a mother but, still, she kept her story mostly to herself. Amid a nationwide wave of political vitriol about abortion and the realization that she and her friends had long kept their abortions secret, however, she reached a tipping point and broke her Omerta-like silence. "Hi guys! Like a year ago I had an abortion," she posted on Facebook last fall.

Automakers, tech companies decide to make deals, not war

File photo of a driver displaying Uber and Lyft ride sharing signs on his car windscreen in Santa MonicaBy Joseph White and Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) - A flurry of deals between big automakers and ride hailing and transportation startups is rewriting the playbook in the contest to control the future of personal transportation. Automakers now recognize they may turn ride-hailing services and car sharing companies into steady customers for all sorts of vehicles, particularly hybrid and electric cars, industry executives and analysts say. Tie-ups with carpooling services or short-term rental companies help automakers expose consumers to brands they might otherwise ignore.

China online lending crackdown shutters Guangdong P2P site

Chinese 100 yuan banknotes are seen in this picture illustration taken in ShanghaiA large Chinese online lending platform accused of illegal operations has suspended operations, one of hundreds that have been shut this year by the government, as China cleans up a sector ridden with stories of Ponzi schemes. Police in Huizhou, Guangdong province, said on Wednesday night that it had detained 13 executives from Guangdong Huirong Investment Co's peer-to-peer lending platform esudai ( The detainees included its legal representative and chairman Jian Huixing.

Faced with strict laws, Brazilian women keep abortions secret
By Sophie Davies RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Years after giving into family pressure and having an illegal abortion, one Brazilian woman says she is haunted by the secret procedure so taboo that hardly anyone will talk about it. The woman, who only wants to be identified as F.D., went to a clinic hidden away in the southern state of Paraná for an abortion when she was a student. Roughly one million women each year seek abortions to end unwanted pregnancies in Brazil, where abortion is illegal except in cases of rape or incest or if the life of the mother is in danger.

Exclusive: Bangladesh probes 2013 hack for links to central bank heist

bangladeshBy Krishna N. Das and Ruma Paul DHAKA (Reuters) - Bangladesh police are reviewing a nearly forgotten 2013 cyber heist at the nation’s largest commercial bank for connections to February's $81 million heist at the country's central bank, a senior law enforcement official said on Wednesday. The unsolved theft of $250,000 at Sonali Bank involved fraudulent transfer requests sent over the SWIFT international payments network. It is not widely known outside of Bangladesh, and in fact was treated as a cold case until Bangladesh police revived the investigation after thieves in February also used the SWIFT network to steal $81 million from Bangladesh Bank.

Chocolate bar wrappers ignite German row over racism

The image of German soccer player Jerome Boateng is printed on a Ferrero chocolate bar box in BerlinBy Michael Nienaber BERLIN (Reuters) - Online debate raged in Germany on Wednesday after supporters of anti-Islam group Pegida criticized a confectioner's decision to print images of non-white soccer players on its chocolate bars instead of the usual picture of a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy. Italian confectionery group Ferrero has temporarily changed the pictures on its 'Kinder Schokolade' (Children Chocolate) in Germany to celebrate the European Soccer Championship, which kicks off on June 10 in France. The new packaging shows childhood pictures of players such as Jerome Boateng, son of a Ghanaian immigrant, and Ilkay Gundogan, whose parents were born in Turkey.

Cringin': British youth unimpressed with pro-EU campaign video

British Union flags fly in front of the Big Ben clocktower of The Houses of Parliament in central LondonBy Estelle Shirbon LONDON (Reuters) - A campaign video urging young Britons to "make sure you're #VOTIN" to stay in the European Union in a June 23 referendum backfired on Wednesday, with some young people denouncing it as patronizing. Produced by the official "In" campaign, the new video aims to motivate young people to turn out on referendum day.

EU seeks to make it easier to buy online from other countries

An eBay sign is seen at an office building in San Jose, CaliforniaBy Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Online retailers would be banned from stopping a customer in one EU country buying from a website based in another, under a proposal issued on Wednesday to make it easier for consumers to shop across the bloc. The European Commission said its law would stop "geoblocking" where companies limit access to their websites based on user location, often forcing customers to use versions based in their own country, sometimes with higher prices. "In the online world, all too often consumers are blocked from accessing offers in other countries," the Commission said in a statement.

Twitter drops photos, videos from 140-character limit

A man reads tweets on his phone in front of a displayed Twitter logo in Bordeaux, southwestern FranceTwitter said the change, part of its efforts to simplify its microblogging service, will happen in the next few months. "A few simple changes to make conversations on Twitter easier! And no more removing characters for images or videos!" Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said in a 115-character tweet. Twitter's stock touched a record low at $13.72 on Tuesday, while investor sentiment around Twitter stock plunged on social media, according to Reuters data.

EU unveils plans to boost e-commerce, overhaul broadcasting rules
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday proposals aimed at making it easier for the 500 million consumers in the European Union to make online cross-border purchases, as part of a strategy to boost e-commerce in the 28-country bloc. The recommendations also require online video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon to bear some of the production cost of European works either by directly investing in them or by paying into national funds. The proposals need approval from the 28 EU countries and European Parliament before they can become law.. ...

With social media, 'we could have saved more lives'

Members of Sri Lankan military rescue team work at the site of a landslide at Elangipitiya village in AranayakaBy Amantha Perera ARANAYAKE, Sri Lanka (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For the first 48 hours after a huge landslide wiped out his hometown of Aranayake and buried 220 families, Prabath Wedage was on his mobile phone constantly. "I have not been off the phone for five minutes," said Wedage, who has been trying to coordinate consignments of relief supplies for 1,700 displaced people in 13 emergency shelters, including Rajagiri School, where he normally works. In this devastated community – as in many disaster-hit places – the ubiquitous mobile phone and its social media apps are becoming a vital tool for relief and rescue workers, officials and families to share and gather information and keep in touch.

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