Gridlock made Christie happy, ex-ally says

Ex-ally: Gov. Christie seemed happy about bridge gridlockDavid Wildstein, who pleaded guilty in the Bridgegate scandal, testified about telling the New Jersey governor of lane closures.

FBI: Extreme concern about violent militants

Islamic State group marching in Raqqa, Syria. (Militant Website via AP, File)FBI Director James Comey says violent militants will flow out of Syria and Iraq to commit attacks elsewhere.

Trump: Fox host will vouch for Iraq stance

Donald Trump: I opposed Iraq War, just call Sean Hannity!The GOP candidate urges the media to confirm his opposition to the Iraq War by contacting Sean Hannity.

Giuliani's bold debate advice to Trump

Donald Trump with Rudy Giuliani in Greenville, N.C. (Evan Vucci/AP)Lester Holt's performance as moderator would prompt the former NYC mayor to do something dramatic.

What’s missing from candidates' jobs vision
Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman examines how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton say they’ll boost employment.

Rating Clinton and Trump's performances

ReutersYahoo News looks at how the candidates compared on six key presidential qualities at Monday's debate.

Clinton slams Trump for remarks about women

Yahoo NewsHillary Clinton hammers her GOP rival for offensive comments he made about a beauty pageant contestant.

Clinton stops just short of calling Trump a 'racist'

Yahoo NewsClinton used the term "racist" to characterize Trump's past comments, but not to describe him as a man, a top aide says.

Miss the debate? Watch it right here

Lester Holt tries, with mixed success, to fact-check the debatesWho made the best impression at the first presidential debate? Decide for yourself, then watch Yahoo News analysis.

Fact check: What Trump and Clinton got wrong

APBoth candidates denied making statements that they are on the record as saying.

The tragic final night of Fernandez's life

Jose Fernandez (Getty Images)The Miami Marlins' star pitcher wanted to take a boat ride because he was upset and just wanted to get away.

Trump: I was tempted to bring up sex scandals

(Getty Images)GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says he held back on his final attack of Monday's debate with Hillary Clinton.

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