Cancer, transplant patients protest Venezuela's medicine shortages
By Alexandra Ulmer CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelans with chronic medical conditions such as breast cancer, hemophilia and transplants protested in Caracas on Thursday, the latest demonstration to demand urgent medicines in a country whose health care system is beset with shortages. Around 13,000 people with chronic issues are at risk of severe harm if they do not take medicines including chemotherapy and medicines to prevent organ transplants being rejected, according to organizer CodeVida, a non-profit umbrella health group. A combination of currency controls, slumping domestic production and cross-border smuggling have caused acute shortages of medical supplies in socialist-led Venezuela.

Iron Maiden: an album, a tour, a jet and a pilot

Iron Maiden's "The Book of Souls" releases September 4.With an album due out next week, British heavy metal band Iron Maiden has revealed massive world tour plans for 2016 -- as well as the jet that will take them there, and the man who will (once again) pilot it. "The Book of Souls" is the band's first studio album in five years and their longest yet -- the double album includes 11 tracks that come in at more than 90 minutes. Due out worldwide on September 4, it was recorded in Paris in late 2014 but had its release date delayed so that the band's lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, could recover from a bout with cancer.

L.A.'s Westside Mystery: Higher Cancer Rates in One Zip Code, Longer Lives in Another
In THR's annual Doctors Issue, two programs — one conducted by USC, the other by best-selling author Dan Buettner — have revealed odd stats. While cancer rates are up in places like Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades, the Beach cities (Hermosa, Manhattan, Redondo) are working toward longer-than-average life spans.

Major cancer breakthrough: Doctors solve long-standing mystery of how to stop cancer from growing
Cancer is a terrifying disease that researchers around the globe are obsessively working to cure. Now scientists from the USA have made a breakthrough discovery related to how cells replicate in cancer patients, how to put a stop to the process, and even how to reverse a tumor. DON’T MISS: iPhone 6c leak gives us hope iPhone 6s will correct major iPhone 6 ‘flaw’ What happens in a healthy organism is that cells are constantly replicating and replacing themselves with identical copies. A mechanism inside the body handles growth to make sure cells don’t overproduce. When that mechanism malfunctions in an organ, the cells don’t stop growing, and they develop into tumors. Usual treatment involves a combination of surgery, chemotherapy,

Blood test could predict breast cancer's return: study

Blood test could predict breast cancer's return: studyAn experimental blood test may be able to predict whether a woman with breast cancer will suffer a relapse months before new tumors would be detectable on scans, researchers said Wednesday. The technology, described in the journal Science Translational Medicine, works by detecting cancer DNA that circulates in the bloodstream. While the test is not yet available to the public, and likely will not be for years to come, researchers are hopeful that it could help refine personalized treatments for cancer and perhaps lead scientists further down the path of finding a cure one day.

Dust-covered woman from iconic 9/11 photograph dies of cancer

Marcy Borders took refuge in a nearby office building when New York's Twin Towers, where she worked for Bank of America, were attacked on September 11, 2001A survivor of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York who was featured in one of the most haunting photographs of the outrage has died of stomach cancer. The family of Marcy Borders first announced her death Monday on Facebook. Borders, who was 28 at the time of the attacks, was just one month into a job for Bank of America in one of the Twin Towers.

Illinois man denies cancer drug smuggling conspiracy charge
An Illinois man pleaded not guilty Tuesday to conspiring with an online Canadian pharmacy to smuggle mislabeled, unapproved and, in two cases, counterfeit prescription drugs into the U.S. to sell to doctors. ...

Celine: Rene Wants 'To Die In My Arms'

Rene Angelil, Celine Dion --Grab your Kleenex, Celine Dion fans. The superstar singer opened up about husband, Rene Angelil, and his battle with throat cancer as she prepares to return to her Las Vegas show on August 27. Don't get me wrong, I love singing for people, but I have priorities," Celine said in a new interview with USA Today.

An aspirin a day – for years – may keep colon cancer away

Bayer aspirin is seen at the Safeway store in Wheaton MarylandBy Will Boggs MD (Reuters Health) – Taking one or two baby aspirins a day for at least five years was tied to a lower risk of colorectal cancer in a study from Denmark. Earlier studies had suggested that aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen may help protect against colorectal cancer, but it wasn't clear how much had to be taken, and for how long, to achieve those benefits. Now, using data on more than 113,000 individuals, researchers have been trying to sort out the relationship between aspirin and NSAIDs, duration of treatment, and colorectal cancer rates.

Celine Dion's Husband's Dying Wish

Celine Dion's Husband's Dying WishAs Celine Dion’s husband continues to battle throat cancer, the 47-year-old singer tells USA Today she promises her husband of 14 years’ she’ll keep his dying wish. Dion says Rene tells her he wants to die in her arms and she says “okay, fine, I’ll be there, you’ll die in my arms.” Celine adds they have asked doctors many times how long her husband has to live, but doctors say they don’t know. Now, Celine is returning to Vegas to continue her residency at Caesar’s Palace after a year-long hiatus, but Rene will be close to Celine, living in their Vegas home.

Bone cancer survivor starts senior year at Kingsburg High School

Bone cancer survivor starts senior year at Kingsburg High SchoolA high school football player has won the fight of his life after getting a devastating diagnosis last year.

This Dance-Off Is About More Than Just Skills

This Dance-Off Is About More Than Just SkillsColten Guerra is battling cancer, but his greatest competition this week was on the dance floor.

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