Study of smoking cancer patients fuels e-cigarette debate

Advertisement for the e-cigarette brand blu is seen on window of a store in New YorkBy Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - The fierce debate over whether e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking took another twist on Monday as a research paper on their use by cancer patients was criticized as flawed. The study of cancer patients who smoke found that those using e-cigarettes as well as tobacco cigarettes were more nicotine dependent and equally or less likely to have quit than those who didn't use e-cigarettes. ...

The Strain "The Third Rail" Review: Crashing the Underground Vampire Slumber Party

The Strain "The Third Rail" Review: Crashing the Underground Vampire Slumber PartyThe Strain S01E11: "The Third Rail" The Strain just keeps creeping along at a level that's well below its potential, seemingly indifferent to the concept of improvement. I don't think it's a bad show (though some would disagree with that statement), but it could certainly be better in just about every aspect of its production. That's fine, The Strain, keep on giving it 60 percent. Go ahead and slack. But don't come crying to me when you're Season 3 renewal is on the line (the show has already been renewed for a second season) and FX chooses something else. And in the meantime, don't take the Season 2 renewal as a reward for being good television; FX also renewed Tyrant for Season 2, for cryin' out loud. All of which is to say that "The Third Rail" perfectly embodied The Strain's average first season so far. The episode had its moments (or, really, a singular moment), but it hacked its way through so much thick and uninteresting territory to get there. Eph came face-to-face with the Master to give the hour a thrilling ending, but aside from that, there's just not that much to discuss. Television episodes, particularly of horror and sci-fi series that focus on plot over character, need to provide some sense of accomplishment, and "The Third Rail" left me feeling a bit empty. Eph, Vasiliy, Abe, and Nora went down to the Master Bat Boy's subway cave to end the Master, but they didn't and the Master got away. At least Zack got a pack of cigarettes. There were clues that something significant would happen. Abe gave Chekov's Gun Jim's knife to Nora, and I figured the the weapon would somehow come into play later on. Vasiliy said they'd know if a train was coming long before it showed up, except a train snuck up on them, so Eph got to say "toldja so!" But then another sneaky train flattened a horde of vampires. (Also, it's nice to know the subway trains are working totally fine during this citywide emergency.) Also, one random vampire on patrol learned a lesson about the third rail the hard way, and Eph discovered a new way to kill them. However, that bit of helpful information may as well be an extraneous footnote, because the episode didn't involve a mass vampire electrocution. "The Third Rail" essentially handed us a bunch of little nuggets that were mostly worthless within the context of the episode, kind of like when you trick your friend by saying, "Hold this," and then run away because you've just handed him a piece of trash. Yes, they could come into play in the next few episodes, but television is designed to be watched in weekly chunks, binge-watching be damned, and each segment should feel whole on its own. I think I've said this about The Strain before, but so much of the show feels like we're watching a reel of deleted filler scenes from the DVD set. Still, Eph's encounter with the Master was as intense as anything the series has done to date. We all know Corey Stoll is bald and he's wearing a wig because at some point he's going to turn into a vampire, right? Okay, "know" might be too strong of a word, but I feel confident enough that I'd put money on it. It makes sense to me that he could end up as one of the "chosen" vampires ordained by the Master, like Eichorst, allowing him to retain some of his humanity and possibly even to use it for good. Maybe he can team up with the BlackulOps for some hot vampire-on-vampire action. And I actually thought Eph was on his way to a genital-free existence in the moment where the Master held Eph aloft and let mouth number two slip past his lips; that's how powerful the scene was. Alas, the Master's plan was interrupted by Abraham, followed by Vasiliy and his UV light bomb, which sent the drone vamps scattering and melting. One sign that The Strain doesn't know what it has when it has it came with how that scene ended: Vasiliy tossed the bomb, vampires squealed, and then camera zoomed in on Vasiliy grinning before cutting to Zack returning with cigarettes. It was a total buzzkill on the vampire slaughter we had just witnessed, and that's atrocious editing, if you ask me. The biggest moment of the episode was cut short so that The Strain could try to fool us into believing that Mariela had turned into a vampire. Lame! The vampires were still in mid-scream! Let us enjoy the victory for a bit and revel in some carnage, don't hurry out of it like there "The Third Rail" had a bus to catch! If you can explain the point of Zack's quest to help Mariela maintain her cancer addiction, then you're sharper than I am. But something had to happen while Zack was literally left with the keys, right? And I suppose it may as well have been to appease an elderly dementia patient who has no business on this show other than to be a hindrance. Sure, why not? But I'm blaming Zack's excursion on Nora. It's her responsibility to make sure that her mom has enough cigarettes! Meanwhile, it's quite possible that the impossible happened and Gus's story in "The Third Rail" was this week's best. But that might only be because he had the least amount of screen time, so things felt much more condensed. He went home, he killed his brother, he saw his vampire mother, he cried, he killed his landlord, and then he bumped into Zack at the store. Gus remains detached to the rest of the series, doing his own thing while the rest of The Strain's story threads are drawn closer together. As Eph and friends descended into the Master's crib, there was a lot of talk about goodbyes, as if there were major changes ahead. But nothing changed. We've got two more episodes left in Season 1, and there's still time for The Strain to pull off a good finish. But what if it doesn't? Will the first season be a disappointment to you? With each passing ho-hum episode, I'm leaning toward yes. NOTES – I would go to an underground vampire rave party, Vasiliy! – Gus's brother was watching TV in the living room, but Gus's mom was chillin' in a closet? – Gus opted not to kill his mother even though she was nasty bloodsucking vampire. Would you be able to kill your mom if she was a vampire? – Will the news ever figure out that there are monsters running loose in New York? – Vampire slumber parties look boooooring. – A vampire apocalypse is pretty bad, but imagine breaking your iPhone screen during a vampire apocalypse! It would never get fixed. THAT would probably be the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to anyone... besides dying, of course. Basically, the worst things that can happen to you in a vampire apocalypse, in order, are 1) dying, 2) breaking your iPhone screen, and 3) seeing your best friend eat your spouse. – It's nice that the local news has time to report on the financial situation while downtown Manhattan is a damn war zone and store clerks are lying dead in their looted stores. – To all you people who voted that you'd kill your own moms, shame on you!

Ayatollah Khamenei’s Cancer Scare

Ayatollah Khamenei’s Cancer ScareAt a critical moment in nuclear negotiations and the widening war against ISIS, the health of Iran’s supreme leader could throw another wild card into the mix.

As NFL tries to reassure women, sponsor Crest is first to retreat

A Denver Broncos player wears pink cleats in recognition of breast cancer awareness month before competing against the Dallas CowboysBy Eric Kelsey and Jennifer Saba LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK (Reuters) - When NFL players strap on their pink shoes and gloves in October for the league's annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign, it will be doing so with one less sponsor, a notable retreat blamed on the league's handling of domestic violence. Crest, Procter & Gamble Co's dental brand, will no longer be offering pink mouth guards to NFL players, the company said on Friday, the first sponsor to publicly withdraw from the NFL's signature overture to women. ...

Procter & Gamble cancels on-field NFL promotion

Procter & Gamble cancels on-field NFL promotionProcter & Gamble is canceling an on-field breast cancer awareness promotion it had been planning with the National Football League, the latest sponsor to respond to the NFL's growing problems. The consumer ...

Report: Procter & Gamble Pulls Sponsorship of NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Report: Procter & Gamble Pulls Sponsorship of NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness CampaignThe NFL continues to successfully alienate just about, well, everyone. Today, a source told CBS Sports that mega company (and mega sponsor) Procter & Gamble is allegedly planning to abandon the NFL Breast Cancer Awareness campaign due to the unpleasantries surrounding the league.

The Daily Fix: Scotland to Stay in U.K., Angelina Jolie Inspires Cancer Prevention, and Border Patrol Tests Body Cams
Scotland went to the polls yesterday to cast an historic vote on whether to become independent from the United Kingdom. Turnout was more than 84 percent. While a majority in Glasgow voted yes on the referendum, it didn’t pass. More than 55 percent of voters elected to continue the country’s 307-year union with the U.K.

Angelina Jolie surgery sparks surge in female cancer tests: study

Actress and campaigner Angelina Jolie attends a summit to end sexual violence in conflict, at the Excel centre in LondonLONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hollywood star Angelina Jolie's decision to make public her double mastectomy more than doubled the number of women in Britain seeking to have genetic breast cancer tests, according to a study released on Friday. Jolie, 39, who has become a high-profile human rights campaign, announced her surgery in May last year, saying she acted after testing positive for a mutation of the BRCA1 gene that significantly increases the risk of breast cancer. ...

Lemon shot challenge raising awareness on pediatric cancer

Lemon shot challenge raising awareness on pediatric cancerAfter the success of the ice bucket challenge, a Delaware County couple is hoping to raise awareness about pediatric cancer with the lemon shot challenge.

Rob Ford releases audio statement from hospital

Mayor Rob Ford's brother, Doug Ford, arrives at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014. Later in the day, Mayor Ford's doctor said he is suffering from a rare and difficult cancer that will require aggressive chemotherapy. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)TORONTO (AP) — Just hours before he begins aggressive chemotherapy for a rare and difficult-to-beat cancer, a rough-sounding Toronto Mayor Rob Ford released an audio statement from his hospital room on Thursday urging people to vote for his brother for mayor.

Ailing Rob Ford urges voters to back brother for Toronto mayor

Toronto Mayor Ford makes his closing remarks during a mayoral debate hosted by the Canadian Tamil Congress in ScarboroughTORONTO (Reuters) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, in his first public remarks since doctors revealed he has cancer, has asked residents of Canada's largest city to vote for his brother Doug, who has replaced him on the ballot in next month's mayoral election. "I'm encouraging my brother to jump into this race wholeheartedly right now," he said in a three-minute audio recording released on Thursday. "Toronto needs Doug Ford as mayor. ...

Toronto Mayor's Rare Cancer: What Is Pleomorphic Liposarcoma?
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with an extremely rare and fast-growing cancer, called pleomorphic liposarcoma, one of his doctors announced yesterday (Sept. 17). Dr. Zane Cohen, one of the physicians treating Ford, said the tumor is about 2 to 3 years old, and described it as "very rare" and "very difficult," according to the Associated Press. The cancer is spreading and the mayor will soon receive intensive chemotherapy, said Cohen, who is a colorectal surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Liposarcoma is one type of "sarcoma," which are cancers that arise from soft tissue such as fat, joints, muscle, nerves or blood vessels.

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