Landmarks to light up for cancer telethon
NEW YORK (AP) — More than a dozen landmarks across the U.S. and Canada will light up to promote next week's "Stand Up to Cancer" telethon.

A broken man living on dreams pulls Japan into Syria hostage drama
By Teppei Kasai and Antoni Slodkowski TOKYO (Reuters) - When Haruna Yukawa was captured in Syria earlier this month, a video apparently released by his captors showed them pressing the Japanese man to answer questions friends say he had struggled with for years: Who are you? Why are you here?     In fact, Yukawa, 42, had first traveled to Aleppo four months earlier on what amounted to a hardship course in self-discovery, according to people who know him and his account. Changes in Yukawa's life in suburban Tokyo had been fast and disorienting. Over the past decade, he had lost his wife to lung cancer, lost a business and his house to bankruptcy and been forced to live in a public park for almost a month, according to Yukawa's father and an online journal he maintained.

Alec Baldwin visits mom's booth at NY State Fair
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — Alec Baldwin has paid a visit to his mother's cancer research booth at the New York State Fair.

World Health Organization Puts Another Nail in the E-Cigarette Coffin
It looks like the World Health Organization isn’t buying that electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking and that the vapor the devices emit is harmless. A new report on electronic nicotine delivery systems by the health arm of the United Nations recommends banning the use of the devices in public and a global crackdown on their promotion as a healthier alternative to traditional cancer sticks. The report’s authors start out by acknowledging that e-cigs “are the subject of a public health dispute among bona fide tobacco-control advocates that has become more divisive as their use has increased.”

Medicaid payouts for office visits may influence cancer screening: study
By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – In states where Medicaid pays doctors higher fees for office visits, Medicaid beneficiaries are more likely to be screened for breast, cervical or colorectal cancer, according to a new study. “States tend to vary in their reimbursement rates for different types of medical care services; Each state establishes its own coverage and reimbursement policies.

Pfizer to test Xalkori lung cancer drug with Merck immunotherapy

The Pfizer logo is seen at their world headquarters in New YorkPfizer Inc said Tuesday it will test its Xalkori lung cancer drug with Merck & Co's experimental immunotherapy pembrolizumab, in hopes the combination will improve the outcomes for patients taking the approved Pfizer therapy. Xalkori, which has annual sales of $400 million and is also known by its chemical name, crizotinib, was approved in 2011 for lung cancer patients who have a specific mutation in the so-called ALK gene, as determined by an approved diagnostic test. The mutation occurs in a small percentage of patients with non small cell lung cancer, the most common form of lung cancer. Pembrolizumab works by removing the brakes from the immune system, allowing it to detect and destroy cancer cells.

The Daily Fix: VA Says Waits Didn't Cause Vet Deaths, 'Breaking Bad' Wins 5 Emmys, and Russian Soldiers Captured in Ukraine
When Teddy Barnes-Breen saw blood in his urine, he went to the emergency room at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital. When the VA finally called to schedule his appointment, Barnes-Breen had died from inoperable stage IV bladder cancer. Earlier this year, CNN found that more than 1,400 vets in the Phoenix area were forced to suffer for months without seeing a doctor while the VA created secret lists and hid records. Barnes-Breen was one of 40 vets who died before he could see a doctor at the Phoenix VA.

Under the Dome "The Red Door" Review: Egg and Door Hunt

Under the Dome "The Red Door" Review: Egg and Door HuntGreetings! I have returned from my two-week dome-cation, during which I missed TWO episodes of Under the Dome. And a strange thing happened while I was away! The real world began to make sense. Memories of my childhood flooded back. The air smelled cleaner, the birds sounded happier, and the future seemed brighter. I was able to solve some complicated quadratic equations, and I even made progress the cold-fusion reactor I'm building in my basement. I cured cancer and AIDS, and totally whooped Bobby FIscher's ghost in chess. Life were great. But then I caught up on the two episodes of Under the Dome that I missed and spent three hours looking for my sunglasses when they were on my head the whole time. I started listening to Pitbull and liking it. I joined the Jim Belushi Fan Club. Such is the mind-numbing brain-squishing existence that is Dome Life. Like Barbie, Sam, and Lyle, I got out from under the Dome for a little while and experienced a whole new existence, but the Dome pulled me back in. Damn you, Dome! If you're reading this and you someday find a way to escape Under the Dome, even for a little bit, keep running and don't ever look back. Ever. I made the mistake of coming back. Of course, Barbie, Sam, and Lyle couldn't quite grasp that simple concept, so "The Red Door" was all about them trying to get back under the Dome. Yes, BACK TO THE DOME! And in order to return, they needed to find a red door because nutso Pauline drew one years ago, so the episode was a fetch quest wrapped up with some mystical mumbo-jumbo and little else. It's pretty amazing that an episode featuring magical portals, vision quests, super-powered eggs, and private security forces was incredibly boring, but that's Under the Dome for ya. I know that the show's writers and producers are probably super excited about this Zenith arc, but you know what? I miss the good old days of caterpillar infestations and dust storms. That was some honest Domin'. All the stuff about red doors and portal-hopping is totally bleh. Stop trying so hard, Dome! "The Red Door" opened with Barbie in the custody of some shady fellas who were so obviously working for his dad that even the show couldn't even keep it a secret for more than a few minutes. Barbie's intimate knowledge of the Geneva Conventions pegged them as goons from a private firm, and a quick chat between Daddy Barbara and one particularly dumb thug confirmed that they were indeed employees of Daddy's energy company. Congratulations to all 100 billion of you who correctly predicted that Daddy Barbara was part of the Dome-spiracy. Daddy wanted the egg, but why, other than the fact that it's a glowing, purply egg? Daddy referred to it as a "power source," so it's a power source, I guess. Just as we thought 10 episodes ago. Another Dome mystery revealed! Meanwhile, the original Junior Dome Squad—Lyle, Pauline, and Sam—were all like, "What's up with this prophetic drawing of a red door that Pauline drew?" Pauline solved the problem by digging into that art school brain of hers and informing us that Art Theory 101 says a "door symbolizes a way in somewhere." Yeah, so does basic vocabulary, dummy. Suspecting that the locker was a way out of the Dome, she and Lyle made the connection that the red door must be a way back in. And with that, the hunt for the red door was on, so the gang wasted a bunch of our time by visiting the playground where Sam, Barbie, and Lyle landed. There, they encountered two spooks who Lyle and Sam had to find a way to ditch and Pauline came across a red door!!! Well, it symbolized a way in... to a children's playhouse. You really had to be there to absorb all the tension, though, because for a second we were supposed to be all, "OMG a red door is that THE red door what does it symbolize will they get back in the Dome?" even though it wasn't the red door that Under the Dome made a point of showing us two weeks ago. So It was just a normal red door. There was this kid who jumped out of the playhouse and shouted, "No grown-ups!" and he was cool. And then the camera hung on him swinging to kill some time and remind her of taking Junior to the park when he was a kid. To summarize, the original Junior Dome Squad went to the playground for no reason other than to learn that they weren't allowed in the playhouse. Moving on! Daddy Barbara wanted his hands on that egg so so badly, so he had Hunter the Hacker fix him up with some secret upload bandwidth, firewall mega-encryption services, and a streaming vlog attachment file so he could send a video message to Julia inside the Dome. But it was all chicanery! He told Julia that he needed the egg so that he could trade it for Barbie's freedom, which was a bold-faced lie marking the first time ever that something on the internet wasn't true. That put Julia in a big-dill of a pickle: Should she give a magical glowing purply egg-thing to her boyfriend's dad in exchange for her boyfriend's release, or does she keep that oval-shaped mystery trinket and let her babe rot in some Dome-free city? Julia struggles with this kind of decision whenever she checks her email, and she has 60 cases of low-cost Viagra, a work-from-home job that pays $77/hr, and plenty of sexy singles in her area ready to meet her to prove it. She also got to show off some cool Door Yoga (captions not necessary): Melanie was like, "Hell nope we ain't giving Daddy Barbara that egg" because it's her egg-baby, basically. So she ran away and joined up with Junior, which set off my Melanior 'shipping alarm like crazy. Hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself here! Let me backtrack a bit. It had been a few minutes since Junior had a change of heart about his dad, so he hung out with Big Jim with forgiveness on his mind. In the process of being a total idiot, he told his dad all the secrets he had, including the fact that the egg was back! So then Jim wanted the egg really badly, too. Everyone in this episode really wanted to get their mitts on an egg or a door. Big Jim finally decided to communicate with the outside world by writing messages on a notepad and showing them to the guards outside the Dome. Let's all take a moment to appreciate Dean Norris's awesome handwriting and his amazing egg drawing. And you know what happens whenever a TV character holds up a piece of paper with writing on it? That's right, MEME TIME! Make your own and post 'em in the comments! Here's your template: Anyway, Big Jim found out that the egg was in Angie's old house because the military or whoever these people were had a powerful Egg Detector. But when Big Jim went to Angie's house, it was gone! That's because Junior had already taken it, and he and Melanie decided to become the new Keepers of the Egg because that's probably what the Dome wanted. I'm not totally sure what was going on here, to be honest. Junior decided to hide the egg from Big Jim by hiding it "right under his nose" in the bomb shelter. Melanie found the bomb shelter awfully cozy, and totally propositioned Junior for some hardcore spooning. Remember, this was the place where, just a few weeks ago, Junior held Angie captive in one of his sick psycho-sexual bondage games, and you could just see the pervert wheels turning in Junior's mind as he resisted every urge to chain Melanie up and slowly eat her flesh bite by bite. They cuddled on the bed and it was really creepy. Given her propensity for ending up in out-of-the-way places with creepy guys, it's no wonder Melanie has already died. What IS a wonder is that she hasn't died more often. Meanwhile, over at the big door hunt, Barbie escaped his capture by performing a picture-perfect Reverse Afghani Chainbreaker on his Daddy's security guard. Pauline met up with her hacker friend, and it was Hunter! Small town, this Zenith place is. Pauline, Hunter, and some random, dopey-looking dude were behind, the one-stop shop for Dome-spiricists to shed light on what the government doesn't want you to know about the Dome. Have you Googled "Hounds of Diana" yet? It's a totally top-secret website full of riddles and mysteries! 2 Broke Girls, Criminal Minds... what do these clues mean!?!? And what treasures are inside this website? A Joe vlog, of course. Fascinating stuff. If you have a few hours to kill or you simply hate yourself, I recommend you spend some time on the site. #DomeTruth Anyway, Barbie showed up at the Hounds of Diana clubhouse somehow and the Hounds of Diana decided to do some sort of Google Maps image search for all the doors in Zenith and then picked out all the red ones. It was a great peek into the future of door-identifying satellite software, but it was ultimately meaningless because Barbie recognized the door from Pauline's drawing: It was a door to the basement in his old house that we saw a couple weeks ago! Whoa, I guess. Using the dopey computer guy as a decoy, Barbie and the grown-up versions of the Junior Dome Squad (minus Melanie who died but came back to life in the bottom of a lake and is still young and totally egg-crazy) went through the red door and found a secret Dome tunnel that blew spirally smoke in their faces and made them trip balls back to some past memories. What the fuck is happening on this show, guys? Sam saw Young Junior, who wanted Sam to save him from his dad. Barbie flashed back to his childhood and Melanie was there because her mom wanted her to meet young Barbie while Daddy Barbara looked on. Should we just assume that Melanie is Daddy Barbara's kid from outside a marriage? Sure, why not. Pauline had a vision she was back at the egg landing spot and also saw Melanie, who said, "This is where it began and this is where it ends, for all of us." And then everyone—except Lyle, who is MIA again probably because Dwight Yoakam decided he was too cool for this shit—appeared in the lake back under the dome! Mission accomplished. Everyone decided to go their separate ways and "The Red Door" ended on this thrilling encounter: I wasn't planning on being too interested in this reunion but the music indicated that I should be, so... wow! Mind blown! That's it guys, I'm really glad to be back covering this show and I'm sorry I have no idea what's going on. Hopefully next week it rains really hard in Chester's Mill or some other meteorological micro-climate problem arises because this Zenith stuff is the pits. Bye! ADDEN-DOMES – A big thunderclap high-five to Jen and Kaitlin for suffering for me in my absence. I have spoken with both, and they are slowly regaining their cognitive functions. Kaitlin can still only communicate with "ooohs" and "ahhhhs" and is currently in the middle of an According to Jim marathon, but Jen is further along and can almost tie her shoes. – The best part of this episode was when Sam yelled at Pauline after she asked whether he killed Angie. His response: "Your journal made it seem like those kids were somehow making it happen!" And then he forgot Junior's name and had to think about it for just long enough to make it obvious that he couldn't even remember who the fourth kid was. Haha, so good. – Big Jim to Rebecca the Science Teacher: "Build an Egg Detector or something." – What the hell is Lyle's purpose on this show? He looks so disinterested in every single scene he's in. I don't blame him. – Hunter said he didn't have a vision when tunnel-porting into Chester's Mill. Bull crap, dude! I don't trust you one bit, you mole!

Teen Wolf "Monstrous" Review: The Dream Master (PHOTO RECAP)

Teen Wolf "Monstrous" Review: The Dream Master (PHOTO RECAP)Teen Wolf S04E10: "Monstrous" I'm confused, and I definitely mean that as a compliment, why do you ask? Confusion is the most underrated emotion in entertainment, but especially when it comes to horror. Few things are as scary or suspenseful as things that don't make sense. Like, take a look at a newspaper (what is a newspaper?) and ask yourself what's scarier: a person who gets murdered by somebody they know and for a specific reason, or a person who gets murdered by an unknown killer for no apparent reason? Or what about a person who is just a pile of guts on the sidewalk and nobody knows what happened to him or her at all? Sorry if you read that while trying to eat a Lunchable, I'm just trying to make a point about how scary unknowable threats can be. Whenever I hear people criticize a story for being "confusing," I think they're not so much mad at that work as they are unsettled by it in an existential way. There's something so dark and upsetting about now knowing the how or the why, and it's easier to get mad at the artist than to stare into that abyss, you know? Anyway, "Monstrous" was a taut and satisfying episode, but more importantly it revealed the utter pointlessness of all the murder going on in Beacon Hills these days. So... pointlessness and confusion. How do things link together? What if they don't at all? To me that's not a letdown, it's a deeply unsettling concept. I approve. Shall we talk about "Monstrous"? Say yes. I knew we were off to a good start when the episode began with my favorite new shirtless jerk running around getting shot with crossbows. Apparently he and a little werewolf girl in a '90s choker necklace were on the run from another gang of assassins! I am honestly not sure why the assassins were using crossbows with laser sights in the pouring rain, but fortunately for those of us members of the Society for the Preservation of Shirtless Hunks, a heroine with a sword was about to save a sexy life or two! It was Kira! Back from the hospital where her mom was probably eating so much tapioca pudding and watching Seinfeld reruns. And even better, she'd apparently sharpened her sword at some point! Meanwhile Scott got word that stuff was goin' down, so he recruited his #1 son to come hop on his motorbicycle with him. But Liam didn't wanna go. He'd had enough of all the near-death experiences. After all, he was still a freshman. Well, a freshwolfman. Get it? You get it right? Freshwolfman. Do you get it now? Okay, just read it now and get it later, but that was a werewolf joke. Let me know if you get it. Liam was a freshwolfman. You know what, forget it. I actually really did love this moment, mostly because I definitely related to Liam not wanting to go get murdered by nightmare creatures. Also then he marveled that Scott does this stuff all the time and asked how everybody could've survived for so long, and Scott reminded him that not everybody had. Man, I love moments like that. This show knows its legacy and refuses to sweep anything under the rug like a lot of other serials do. So good. Meanwhile at the hospital Stiles needed another scan because of all the times he got punched in the head at Eichen House that night. But yeah, honestly just put Mrs. McCall and Stiles in a room together and I'll immediately start getting misty. These two. Also he wanted a tape player but she kept calling it a cassette player and it was a cute moment between a teen and a grown adult disagreeing about obsolete technology. This is neither here nor there, but wouldn't it be funny if instead of a tape player she brought in a Teddy Ruxpin, like, "I just stole this from a cancer kid" or whatever? Me and my brother used to put my mom's Phil Collins tape into the Teddy Ruxpin and make him sing "Against All Odds" to us. Whoops gotta go. Back at the Sheriff's station, Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski were comparing notes about Meredith. They also agreed that the dead pool was probably automated at this point, so even though Meredith was in custody, tons of assassins were probably still lurking around trying to stack those bills. So to stop them they'd have to stop the money. Seemed pretty reasonable to me. Then Scott met up with Kira at Deaton's workplace! And there he discovered that she'd been a busy beaver and had rounded up that whole pack of Buddhist werewolves, or at least the ones that didn't die of smallpox. Meanwhile Argent was out running errands, and he stopped by what looked like the agricultural exhibit at Epcot Center. And look what he stole! Some yellow Wolfsbane. What was he up to? Maybe he was going to play a prank on his sister, who knows. I liked this scene. Malia came to visit Stiles at the hospital after she'd heard what happened, and the door mysteriously locked both of them in his hospital room, and then they turned an argument about that into an argument about how he'd messed up for lying to her and he told her he missed her and all that stuff. And you know the rest. Phew, they're back together. It made me sad when they broke up. I like that their relationship hasn't been too front-and-center, just sort of a casual situation where two cute and likable people dig each other a lot. I kind of don't need a splashy romance at this point, you know? Then Argent did that thing when you go to your own home and there's strangers there and they don't know you live there and they give you 'tude and you're like, "Um excuse me, but I live here." So anyway here we were, back at the Argent ballistics factory. I guess Kate and her roommates moved out? I don't know. Maybe it's because there wasn't any running water which is why she'd been taking showers in the sewer. Kate is a hobo. So then Scott ran out and convinced Argent not to murder Brett. Phew! Oh Brett, you big jerk, why don't you transfer to Beacon Hills High already? That would be fine with me. Meanwhile Stiles and Malia found a tape player and did some investigations of their own. Apparently on the tape that Brunski had left behind of Lorraine Martin, there was a mysterious noise in the background. And because Malia has coyote super-hearing sensibilities, she was able to figure out that the sound was actually the banshee record player from Lydia's lake house! Bingo, dudes. That's where they had to go. Back at the station, Lydia was trying to get Meredith to spill all her secrets, but Meredith pulled a classic Meredith move and demanded to speak to a hunk! PETER HALE. Obviously. Because obviously. No uhhhhhh doy. Meanwhile at the munitions factory (is that what it is?) the seasoned pros were getting ready for an invasion of assassins and Derek was NOT about to pass up the opportunity for a pep talk. Boom. Let's do this. Meanwhile I liked this prescient exchange between Satomi and Argent about their respective clans' reputations. Specifically how both of them need to struggle to not be murderers (the invading assassins appeared to be former hunters). But I gotta hand it to this lady, sure her werewolves are definitely lacking in the unnecessary buffness arena, but at least none of them seem to have killed anyone yet? That's a pretty big feat, if we're being honest. Especially in Beacon Hills, where murder is more common than the sunrise. Clearly these Buddhist werewolves were onto something. So then Peter Hale showed up to deal with the Meredith situation. So, at first glance it seemed like Peter Hale had no idea why he'd been called in to talk to Meredith, but then she started feelin' up on his face and things started to become clear. They had met before! Back when he was a scarred vegetable before Season 1. So at this point he had no choice but to stick his fingernail into Meredith's neck and download all the 411. But Lydia could hear her whispering everything, so we got the full picture via flashback: According to the flashback, at one point Meredith and Peter Hale were both in comas and shared a hospital room and formed a two-person psychic friends network and he convinced her to help him set up a dead pool! Something to do with how all monsters were weak and he wanted to have them all killed so he could start a new world order of strong monsters. Or something like that, don't come to me for facts. But another interesting thing about this was that when he rattled off the names of the assassins he wanted to hire (the Mute, the Chemist, the Blonde Twink-Hunk Who Is Probably Only Like 12 at This Point in Time), he also mentioned the Desert Wolf a.k.a. Malia's mom! So Malia's mom is an assassin! That is pretty cool right there. Anyway, yeah. Just as we thought, Meredith may be the Benefactor, but the Benefactor was merely the puppet of whatever scheme Peter Hale had set into motion all those years ago. Meanwhile Stiles and Malia were at the boathouse listening to some vinyl because the sound quality is just better, you know? But of course banshees have bad taste in tunes and this record was just another mess of white noise. Except, when it was turned off, Malia could still hear humming behind the wall—so next thing we knew, Stiles noticed a cable connecting the record player to something behind the wall and then this happened: Oh THAT'S why we saw giant computers during Lydia's flashback last week. Those are the dead pool main frames! So yeah, it's an automated system for dealing with assassins! Meredith had somehow set it up to use Lorraine Martin's banshee code and then also fed the monsters' names into it and—you know what? I honestly am not even sure what exactly Meredith did or how Lorraine or Peter Hale factor in. But like I said, I don't mind not having a clear picture. I just know that it all seems kinda scary because it's this cold, automated process rather than a devious villain. So unsettling. Speaking of unsettling, what happened next was that a gaggle of assassins arrived at Argent's old office building and started shooting indiscriminately in every direction. Classic assassin tactic! Luckily our heroes were able to hold them off with some good, old-fashioned shootin'! This was just your typical Teen Wolf shootout, no big deal. Guns and werewolves go together like gas station candy and my tum-tum. So back to Peter Hale, the amusing part about this big Meredith revelation was that he didn't seem to remember making that plan with her in the first place! He seemed pretty surprised about it, to be honest. I guess his subconscious had done all the talking and he forgot all about it. But Meredith didn't. And that makes it especially funny that she stole all his bear bones to make it happen, and now Peter Hale just wanted his bear bones back. Or maybe he was lying, that's possible also. Especially when Sheriff Stilinski threatened to arrest him for creating a monster hit list and Peter Hale was like, "Okay, so is it against the law to create a monster hit list?" And Sheriff Stilinski realized the American Justice System probably hasn't reached that point yet. Anyway, then Peter Hale left and Meredith freaked out that they had unfinished business. So then Stiles helped Lydia FaceTime with the computers. The main thing was they just wanted to turn them off, but Stiles wasn't sure how to do that. But rather than look around for, I don't know, a circuit breaker or whatever, they figured out this whole thing about a secret key to the computers being kept in a wine bottle, which Lydia knew about because she once spilled wine on the carpet a million years ago and it washed out so it couldn't have been wine (I guess she didn't sip it, or maybe she did and just thinks that all wine tastes like melted popsicles). Anyway, this was insanely complicated considering they could have just thrown a pot of coffee at the computer to turn it off. But oh well. They found a key! And just like that, the computers were turned OFF. No more dead pool. But the assassins at the haunted office park hadn't gotten the memo yet, and this little girl almost got SHOT. UP. But at the last second Scott saved her life! There would be no bloody '90s choker necklaces lying on the floor this day. On the downside, he lost control of his temper and started morphing into this thing: Just kidding, this was not a downside, it was an AWESOMESIDE. Scott might be turning into the CGI creature that Peter Hale used to be! Oh, glorious day. Yes. Yes, please. That would be amazing. What if the season finale was Scott turning into a CGI monster and all next season was about preventing him from eating Blockbuster Videos? I'm there, guys. Anyway, THEN the assassins all got texts from the Dells (which send texts even after they've been shut down) informing them that the dead pool was finito. And then our heroes breathed a sigh of relief, stepped over all the dead bodies, and headed out to Dave 'n Busters for a relaxing night of jalapeño poppers and skee-ball. Because they DESERVED it. Even though Meredith had put a plan of mass murder into action, everybody was being pretty chill about it. Like in this scene, where Lydia just wanted to know why she'd done it and Meredith answered that it was because she realized she needed to murder all the monsters after a bunch of them killed Allison and Lydia had screamed about it. In her mind, all monsters were bad news, including banshees. So, at least she meant well? But all Lydia had to do was point out that certain monsters, like specifically Scott, didn't go around murdering people normally, and in fact sometimes saved a lot of lives. Meredith immediately realized she'd been moded and then totally backtracked. She now seemed to regret trying to murder dozens of people using stolen bear bones and old Dells. Meanwhile in the sewer, Kate Argent and Peter Hale had a pow-wow. And then he confirmed what we already suspected: He WAS trying to murder Scott. This played into Meredith's earlier claim that Peter Hale was the true alpha (which was either a prediction for the future, or just one of Meredith's silly yammerings). But yeah, even though Peter Hale may not necessarily have wanted the dead pool to happen, it seemed to be working out in his favor anyway. I guess sometimes our subconscious minds AREN'T dumb idiots? Peter Hale should write his a thank-you note. So yeah, this officially ends the reign of Helpful Peter and ushers in a new era of Evil Peter. I think I liked it better when Peter Hale was working with the good guys, but who am I kidding, Peter Hale is great either way. I'm excited. "Monstrous" was a very good episode of a season that's proving to be surprisingly weird and off-beat. Again, not a complaint, only an in-progress assessment. Because this season is definitely weird so far! Very into it. OK BYE QUESTIONS ... Do you believe Peter Hale's claim that he didn't intentionally start the dead pool? ... Does Meredith owe a lot of apologies to dead monsters? ... Should the Buddhist werewolves offer to clean up Argent's factory? ... Have you ever woken up with a double eye infection and decided to go on national TV anyway?

Exclusive: U.S. approval of Merck cancer immunotherapy expected soon

A view of the Merck & Co. campus in Linden, New JerseyIf approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the drug would be the first in a promising new class designed to help the body's own immune system fend off cancer by blocking a protein known as Programmed Death receptor (PD-1), or a related target known as PD-L1, used by tumors to evade disease-fighting cells. Companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche Holding AG and AstraZeneca Plc are racing to develop similar treatments for a variety of cancers. The FDA is slated to decide on New Jersey-based Merck's application no later than October 28, but sources said the agency could give its approval within coming weeks. The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the FDA's plans, also acknowledged that the early approval was not guaranteed.

Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Cancer Diagnosis
Dr. Bavesh Balar is a board-certified hematologist and oncologist on staff at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, N.J., where he serves as chairman of the Cancer Committee. The healthcare community has made remarkable strides over the past 20 years in treating cancer, but more than a million people in the United States are still diagnosed every year. As devastating as that news is, whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, there are some basic facts to understand about the diagnosis in order to begin moving forward with a treatment program. After initially advising the patient about the cancer diagnosis, there is often a period of (understandable) disbelief.

Health-care fears loom large in gay marriage cases

FILE - In this May 17, 2013, photo, Niki Quasney, left, talks about her ongoing battle with ovarian cancer as her partner, Amy Sandler, and daughter stand nearby at their home in Munster, Ind. Quasney receives treatment at hospitals in neighboring Illinois because she and Sandler, who wed last year in Massachusetts, fear that a private hospital near their Indiana home might not allow them to be together should Quasney suffer a medical emergency because of the state’s marriage ban. (AP Photo/The Times, Kyle Telechan, File)INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — When Niki Quasney felt a piercing pain in her ribcage in March, the oncologist treating her advanced ovarian cancer told her to get to an emergency room immediately.

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