Gen. Allen: Troops ready to serve female president

Gen. Allen: ‘No question’ troops will follow woman commander in chief. (Getty Images)Retired Marine Gen. John Allen says Hillary Clinton is “exactly the kind of person that we want to be commander in chief.”

'Absolute equality' still eludes many women

Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Jordan, Hillary Clinton (AP, Getty Images)Hillary Clinton broke the hardest of glass ceilings, but women are still badly underrepresented in politics.

Concerns over candidates’ classified briefings

What Clinton and Trump will — and won’t — get from classified briefings. (Yahoo News)Some lawmakers ask if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can be trusted with scheduled pre-election security briefings.

Chelsea's possible return as first daughter

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is joined by former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton as she is ceremonially sworn in at the State Department in Washington in 2009. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother as the Democratic nominee for president at the convention tonight.

GOP bungles tweet about Kaine's lapel pin

Tim Kaine; Hondourus flag (Reuters/Getty Images)North Carolina Republicans thought the Virginia senator was wearing the flag of Honduras, where he volunteered as a Jesuit missionary.

Giuliani: DNC is 'anti-police' convention

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Carolyn Kaster/AP)Rudy Giuliani derided the DNC for allegedly fanning the flames of resentment for law enforcement.

Convention’s theme: Clinton can be trusted

Hillary Clinton appears after Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. (AP)Speaker after speaker has vouched for the Democratic nominee, though she admits she still has work to do.

Trump says he was 'sarcastic' about Russia

nald Trump (Jim Watson/AFP)Donald Trump says he was kidding when he called on Russia to find Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

Donald Trump courts frustrated Bernie backers

Trump courts Sanders supporters, plays greatest hits in Reddit AMAThe GOP nominee takes to Reddit to speak directly to disillusioned supporters of Bernie Sanders.

Pope Francis stumbles, falls during Mass

Pope leads Mass celebrating Poland's deep Catholic rootsThe 79-year-old pontiff misses a step while approaching the altar but is quickly helped to his feet.

Dems offer reward for Trump's tax returns

Democratic donors, allies offer reward for Trump tax returnsClinton released eight years of tax filings; her supporters say Trump's refusal to do the same matters.

It's time to appreciate Clinton's achievement

HIllary Clinton (Reuters)She may not be the trailblazer we envisioned, but she’s transformed herself, through sheer tenacity, into the trailblazer we have.

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